Slow travel: what, where and how?

In a world of fast food, constant updating and a fear of missing out, it is great to be able to stand still and simply enjoy the moment, to just let things happen and to enjoy daily life with all your senses! And what better time to do this than when you are travelling, right?

slow travel

Unfortunately a lot of travellers still continue to run from A to B making sure they have seen every church or stone mentioned in their guidebook. More often than not they go home exhausted… I know, cause I have been one of them: trying to squeeze in as much as I could in as little time as possible. I had “seen” a lot, but was I really any wiser about the place or the people I just visited? I’m afraid the answer was no…

So I threw away my guidebook and my watch and decided to travel more consciously. It was time for slow travel!

slow travel

This is what this blog is about: taking time to discover a place and getting under the skin of a destination. How? By learning the language, by strolling around the markets, by volunteering, by talking to the locals or by participating in a local festival.

Slow travel is responsible travel, it’s about experiences rather than sights. It’s about quality rather than quantity. It’s about the ordinary daily life abroad, the country’s food, habits, people, …It’s about immersing yourself and making meaningful memories!