Christiania: the freetown community of Copenhagen

“We have three major rules here: “no pictures, no running and HAVE FUN!” I am standing at the entrance of Pusher street, the main thoroughfare of Christiania and talking is Nina, a 60+ year old woman and one of the first inhabitants of this “freetown” neighbourhood in Copenhagen. Christiania was founded back in 1971 on the site of unused military barracks to create an alternative to mainstream culture. They developed their own set of rules, independent of the Danish government. Ideas Continue Reading

10 LOCAL things to do in Rio de Janeiro

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to visit “Christ the Redeemer” or “Sugar Loaf”, cause let’s face it, you probably figured that out yourself. Instead, I prefer telling you about the ordinary daily-life things, these little moments that let me pretend I belonged in this beautiful city for a while. Do you like to immerse yourself too while travelling? Then read on and experience Rio like a local! 1.       Start your day in a juice bar What will it be today? Watermelon Continue Reading

The surprisingly cool city of Oslo

I am reading Jo Nesbø’s crime novel “The Snowman” as the bus pulls out of Rygge Airport. I wonder what secrets lie behind the deep dark Norwegian woods we are passing en route to Oslo… It’s something I will have to discover some other time; the next few days I will spend the weekend in Oslo, the result of a dirt-cheap ticket and a curious attitude. Today is bank holiday in Norway, the weather is balmy and crowds occupy Oslo’s terraces and beer gardens to soak up the first rays of Continue Reading

Why you should explore Faro, the gateway to the Algarve

Where is everyone? It is 3pm, Friday afternoon in Faro and I am standing on the Largo da Sé. The square is nearly empty and I have the Cathedral and the blossoming orange trees all to myself… Strange, since this is supposed to be the main tourist attraction of Faro… It reminds me of my stay in Málaga, Spain. Both are mainly treated as airport hubs and a quick access to the region’s beaches. A shame, because there are plenty of things to do in Faro. The Cathedral was Continue Reading

A love letter to intriguing Tangier

The cafés of “Le Petit Socco” are buzzing as I enjoy my last glass of mint tea. I don’t want to leave Tangier, the city grabbed me from the moment I arrived! Is it its international past with its history of spies and brothels? Is it the friendliness of its inhabitants or the cosiness of my hostel? I don’t know, but the fact is: there are plenty of things to do in Tangier and it has totally won me over! Walking up the street towards the Kasbah, there’s a little eatery called Continue Reading

Rio de Janeiro: the ultimate travel tips!

Aaah, Rio de Janeiro! A name and place that leaves nobody indifferent! I planned on spending 4 days here, I ended up staying eight! A lot has been said or written about Brazil’s most (in)famous city. But how exactly do you “tackle” Rio? By all means, read on! 1/ Is Rio safe? Rio de Janeiro:  a name that evokes “beach, sun and sex”.  To some… To others Rio apparently evokes “crime, favela’s and hold-ups.  “Oh, be careful!  Are you sure it’s wise to go on Continue Reading

Discover hip and urban Marrakech in the Ville Nouvelle!

The true charm of Marrakech lies inside the medina: a place of endless souks, historical palaces and the famous Djema el Fna square. But Marrakech is also one of Morocco’s most modern cities, home to a yearly international film festival, as well as an arts festival. So if you want to have a more complete picture of the city, I’d urge you to stroll around in the Ville Nouvelle, the modern part of Marrakech. Wide boulevards are home to numerous cafés and ice cream parlours, as well as Continue Reading

The best food tour in Marrakech: from mechoui to avocado juice

“ I hope you are hungry?” Youssef asks me. We meet on the main square, Djema el Fna, where, together with 8 other food enthusiasts, I’ll be taken on an evening food tour in Marrakech. The Djema isn’t the best place to find good quality food, so we start off at the entrance of the medina, where a family business has set up a few stalls, booming with local customers. On the menu: mechoui (slowly roasted lamb in an underground clay oven) and sheep head. Yes, you read that correctly, Continue Reading

The trendy neighbourhoods of Copenhagen

When my friend and Copenhagen-resident Mariel asked me what I wanted to see in the city, I answered: “Anything really, apart from Tivoli and The Little Mermaid”. Not that I have anything against amusement parks, but being from Belgium, and having grown up with Manneken Pis, I didn’t particularly develop a passion for disappointing little statues. Of course I wanted to wander along the oh-so-famous canals and I was definitely curious to check out Copenhagen’s alternative community Continue Reading

The unspoilt Andalusian charm of Cádiz

“Cádiz, in the early morning hours, the air filled with the smell of salt.” (Niña Pastori) These lyrics sung by Cádiz’ native Niña Pastori perfectly illustrate my feelings for this southern Spanish city. Feelings of hot summers, feelings of yearning, feelings of a long lost love. It’s a perfect song for a perfect city! I had the chance to stay in Cádiz during one long summer month while attempting to brush up my Spanish language skills. Ever since, when asked about my favourite Continue Reading