Who am I?

Hi there! Nice to meet you! I am Els, born on a very hot April day in a small Belgian village where nothing exciting ever happens.  Everyone knows everyone and for a lot of people the next village is already considered “abroad”. By the age of eighteen, I started to realize there must be a bigger world out there…

Apart from school trips to London, Paris and Greece, it wasn’t until my very first holiday “on my own” that I got seriously bitten by the travel bug. Surprisingly enough this trip was an all-inclusive holiday to the Dominican Republic, a thing I’d never do nowadays! While most tourists were getting sunburnt on the beach, I managed to “escape” the resort and its international buffets and went to see some of the countryside.

The year after that I took my tent and my backpack and went to Scotland. I could hardly carry my backpack and managed to loose my wallet, but this trip was so much more rewarding than last year’s!

Twenty years and roughly 40 countries later, I still travel the same way as back then in Scotland. Sometimes camping, sometimes hosteling, sometimes staying in a B&B, but always with a backpack and an open and very curious mind!

Why don’t you come along?