The most beautiful canals of Copenhagen

Stuck on a small motorboat surrounded by other tourists, listening to a guide who’d much rather be somewhere else, could be qualified as one of my worst nightmares as a traveller. The endless picture-snapping, the guide’s lousy attempt at humour, not to mention the selfie-sticks, I hate it all! So why is it then that I find myself at 9.30am on the quay of Nyhavn, Copenhagen’s most popular canal, standing in line for the next departure ?… I blame my Danish friends! “You have to do a Continue Reading

Freetown Christiania: the alternative side to Copenhagen

“We have three major rules here: “no pictures, no running and HAVE FUN!” I am standing at the entrance of Pusher street, the main thoroughfare of Freetown Christiania and talking is Nina, a 60+ year old woman and one of the first inhabitants of this alternative neighbourhood in Copenhagen. She is going to take me on a guided tour of Christiania. Many visitors are curious about the Christiania community and it is nowadays one of the main tourist attractions of the city, besides the canal Continue Reading

Copenhagen beyond the mermaid

When my friend and Copenhagen-resident Mariel asked me what I wanted to see in the city, I answered: “Anything really, apart from Tivoli and The Little Mermaid”. Of course I wanted to wander along the oh-so-famous canals and I was definitely curious to check out Copenhagen’s alternative community Christiania, but I was also interested in  the “everyday life”. After having spent a few days in Copenhagen, I would say, it’s a pretty good place to live! What to see in Continue Reading