Berlin: the Cold War in 10 stops

I was 13 when the Berlin Wall came down. While I was counting the minutes to the next break, my history teacher went on about “big changes” and “huge impacts”!  I couldn’t care less about it at that age… Fast forward 28 years and I find myself at the Brandenburg Gate, a little wiser and far more interested in history, ready to go on my very own Cold War tour of Berlin! Care to join me? A. What exactly was the Cold War? The Cold War was a period of tension Continue Reading

Visiting the Oktoberfest: the atmosphere, the camaraderie and the beer!

We arrive at the Hackerbruecke hostel at 11am. The reception is full of people and empty beer cans, a forerunner of what awaits us a few miles further on the Theresienwiese. Two days of Oktoberfest in Munich, that is the plan. Hopefully. We didn’t make any reservations for the beer tents and apparently it’s a bank holiday in Germany. I heard many horror stories of people trying to get a spot in one of the beer tents, but without any luck… No time to waste then! After dropping Continue Reading