Sailing bliss in the Ionian Sea

If you’re planning on visiting the Greek islands, you’re in for a treat, but you’d better do some advanced planning too! There are over 200 inhabited Greek islands and there’s never a lack of sunshine and good food, no matter where you go! So, where do you start? Do you go for the more famous ones like Santorini, Crete or Corfu? Or do you go for some of the more obscure ones? (no, I’d never heard of Elafonisos either) I chose to sail around the Ionian islands Continue Reading

The best places to visit on Kefalonia

Kefalonia, with its green, pine-covered slopes and Mount Ainos majestically towering over the surrounding azure blue waters, is the biggest island of the Ionian Sea. Does its name ring a bell? Very possible! The island of Kefalonia was the setting for the 2001 movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”, in which Nicolas Cage played an Italian captain during WWII. The choice for Cage to play an Italian captain might be debatable, but the movie certainly did a lot for the tourism Continue Reading

Authentic Greek flavours in the heart of Athens

Moussaka, slouvaki, Greek salad, … is this what comes to mind when you think of Greek food? Think again! Even if there’s a lot of chance that you will come across these on your trip to Greece, the Greek cuisine is so much more varied than this! It’s 9am on a sunny Wednesday morning and I am ready to embark on a food tour of Athens! Despina, tour guide and co-founder of Athens Walking Tours, starts with a historical lesson about the world of food and how the different Mediterranean Continue Reading

A visit to Lefkas, the gateway to the Ionian Sea

It’s exactly two o’clock, when the floating bridge opens and lets the yachts pass from mainland Greece into the Ionian Sea. Every hour on the dot, a floating procession sails into the canal, on its way to Lefkas, the first island on the west coast of Greece. The island is connected to the mainland by a causeway, so you can get there by bus or car as well. But I am on a sailing trip around the Ionian Sea and for the next few weeks these waters will be my home. But first I’m Continue Reading

The island of Ithaca: in search of Odysseus

Who hasn’t heard of Odysseus? Or Ulysses, as he is also known by his Roman name. He’s the hero of Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey”. According to that poem, Odysseus was the king of the island of Ithaca, a small Greek island in the Ionian Sea. After fighting in the Trojan war, Odysseus tried to return home to Ithaca.  It took him 10 long years to complete the journey… While sailing around the Ionian islands, Ithaca is one of my stopovers. The whole island is drenched in Continue Reading

Meganisi: the Greek island tourism forgot

Never heard of Meganisi? Don’t worry; before I set off on a sailing trip around the Ionian islands, neither had I! Its name means “big island”, although it only has 3 villages, is about 20km² and has no more than 1000 inhabitants!   Up to the 20th century the island was a pirate hunt and until recently it was known for cigarette smuggling to Italy! Pretty adventurous for such a small place, hey? Meganisi has limited tourist facilities and there aren’t any must see’s on Continue Reading