The best places to visit in Kerala

Slow travel and India, it looks like a challenging combination…How do you slow down in a country like India, a place known for its somewhat organised chaos, for its huge crowds and for its mystical world, undecipherable at first to western eyes? Turns out the southern state of Kerala has all it takes! You see, Kerala is a “different sort of India”, a softer version if you wish and an excellent place for first-time visitors to this immensely intriguing country! Let me show you Continue Reading

Kerala: a different kind of India

So you think you know India? Crowded, polluted and heaving with holy cows? Well, think again! After having visited the chaos of Rajasthan and Delhi, I had the chance to visit the southern state of Kerala as part of the Kerala Blog Express and boy, was I in for a surprise! I discovered a totally different part of this immense country, I found an India that isn’t often portrayed in the media. One that definitely deserves a visit and might be the perfect place for a first time visitor to Continue Reading