Walking the Riviera dei Fiori

I’m mopping up the last puddle of olive oil with a chunk of flavoursome focaccia bread. It’s become a habit over the last few days and I seriously start to wonder how many carbs is “too many”… But who would be able to resist? A warm autumn sun, stunning views and good company: this and the tempting Italian food are the perfect ingredients for a Ligurian holiday!   I’ve been invited to participate in a study called Timon Lepidus to find out if the Ligurian coast is ready for a Continue Reading

The sleepy hinterland of the Italian Riviera

I’ve been three times to Liguria. I never really planned to, but sometimes life has different plans for you… On my first occasion I visited the Cinque Terre, unanimously considered the highlight of the area. Fair enough I guess, five villages clinging on precariously to the cliffs with the blue waters of the Ligurian Sea below: there’s worse when it comes to scenery. But to be 100% honest, it was all a bit too touristy and I discovered much more about Liguria and its hilltop villages Continue Reading

Slow travel in the Cinque Terre

Situated between Pisa and Genoa are five picture-perfect pastel-tinted villages on the edge of a mountain slope with the Mediterranean Sea lapping below: welcome to the “Cinque Terre”, aka “The Five Lands”! The Cinque Terre are Italy’s answer to the French Riviera, without the high-rise buildings that is. Known for great walking, beautiful scenery and tasty food, the five villages are very well interconnected by train and walking paths, even if they could only reached Continue Reading