The most stunning palaces of old Marrakech

Marrakech means visiting the famous Djemaa el Fna square over and over again. It also means haggling your way around the souks, but did you know that the city is home to some of the most beautiful historical palaces and religious buildings of Morocco? Follow me as I discover the most stunning palaces in Marrakech! Medersa Ali Ben Youssef Situated in the middle of the medina, this will be one of the first historical buildings you’ll come across. The medersa Ali Ben Youssef is a theological Continue Reading

How to avoid scams in Marrakech

I am a solo female traveller so let’s set a few things straight first: after having travelled to 4 different cities, I can truly say that Morocco is one of the friendliest and most hospitable nations I’ve travelled in! Moroccans are a traditional, respectful and good-humoured bunch! I have never felt unsafe, harassed or worse! So what about all those horror stories of being constantly ripped-off or hassled? There’s indeed no denying that there are a fair amount of hustlers, conmen and Continue Reading

A love letter to the intriguing city of Tangier

The cafés of “Le Petit Socco” are buzzing as I enjoy my last glass of mint tea. I don’t want to leave Tangier, the city grabbed me from the moment I arrived! Is it its international past with its history of spies and brothels? Is it the friendliness of its inhabitants or the cosiness of my hostel? I don’t know, but the fact is: there are plenty of things to do in Tangier and it has totally won me over! Walking up the street towards the Kasbah, there’s a little eatery called Continue Reading

The Ville Nouvelle of Marrakech: a taste of modern Morocco

The true charm of Marrakech lies inside the medina: a place of endless souks, historical palaces and the famous Djema el Fna square. But Marrakech is also one of Morocco’s most modern cities, home to a yearly international film festival, as well as an arts festival. If you want to have a more complete picture of the city, I’d urge you to stroll around in the Ville Nouvelle, the modern part of Marrakech. Wide boulevards are home to numerous cafés and ice cream parlours, as well as big Continue Reading

The best food tour in Marrakech: from mechoui to avocado juice

“ I hope you are hungry?” Youssef asks me. We meet on the main square, Djema el Fna, where, together with 8 other food enthusiasts, I’ll be going on an evening food tour in Marrakech. After having explored the most stunning palaces of Marrakech all day, I am looking forward to discovering a whole different side of the city! The Djema isn’t the best place to find good quality food, so we start off at the entrance of the medina, where a family business has set up a few stalls, booming Continue Reading

Chefchaouen: beyond the 50 shades of blue

Chefchaouen, aka Chaouen, aka the blue city. The most photographed medina of Morocco. A quiet place where people come to take a break from the otherwise frantic Moroccan cities. And indeed, walking the medina feels like walking through a painting: there’s light blue, dark blue, violet blue and all shades in between! Every corner reveals an even more picturesque scene than the previous one and every house seems worth photographing! The narrow streets are lined with small shops selling rugs, Continue Reading

Moroccan arts and crafts in little-known Tetouan

“Hello my princess, we meet again!” I turn around and stare right into the eyes of the man I have been trying to avoid all day. I met Abderrahmid the day before and as helpful and friendly as he may be, there was something too eager and slightly disturbing about him. My polite refusal for dinner was met with the prophetic words “I hope your government won’t be punished for that” and before I could even react, he put on his biggest smile and offered me a bar of chocolate, leaving me Continue Reading