A complete guide to backpacking in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is often seen as the cheaper and lesser touristy neighbour of Costa Rica. More travellers flock to this Central American beauty every year and it’s not difficult to see why! From colonial towns to spouting volcanoes, from pristine beaches to rural coffee plantations, backpacking in Nicaragua should definitely be on your list! Backpacking in Nicaragua: things to do and best places to visit 1. Granada Probably THE showcase city of Nicaragua. Colonial architecture coincides with vibrant Continue Reading

Camping in the Nicaraguan cloud forest

The bus from Matagalpa to Jinotega climbs higher and higher up in the mountains. The higher we climb, the chillier it gets. I am off to the “Datanli El Diablo” nature reserve where I will be staying at La Bastilla Ecolodge Nicaragua for a few days, taking in the coffee culture and the surrounding beauty of the cloud forest of Nicaragua. A pick-up truck brings me from the main road into the forest and on to the lodge. My adrenaline is reaching peak level as we drive at very high Continue Reading

León: the revolutionary side of Nicaragua

The intoxicating smell of grilled meat and the plumes of smoke indicate that I’m close. I’ve just arrived in León, the revolutionary capital of Nicaragua, and my first mission after a long bus ride is to find food. Behind the cathedral I can spot the little chairs and tables of the fritangas. Fritangas are small, casual outdoor food stands that fill the main square just before sunset in most Nicaraguan towns. There’s no menu, it’s point and choose, and the main staple Continue Reading

Granada, the colonial jewel of Nicaragua

The trees on the Parque Central provide a welcoming shade from the midday heat. Horses and carriages are waiting for tourists to take them around the town and the open-air terraces are heaving.  Above all that towers the prominent yellow and white Cathedral. I arrived in Granada, presumably Nicaragua’s most beautiful and most popular colonial town. And beautiful it is indeed! The nearby Plaza de la Independencia is an attractive ensemble of colonial architecture with patios hidden behind Continue Reading

Living the easy life on Little Corn Island

Whoever said “travelling is relaxing” never had to get up at 3.15 am to catch a flight!  After spending a few weeks on mainland Nicaragua, I am off to discover the Caribbean charm of the Corn Islands. They are situated 65km off the coast of Nicaragua and consist of two islands: Big Corn Island and, yes you guessed it, Little Corn Island. Little Corn Island: how to get there The airport is on Big Corn island. You can catch a flight from Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, with the Continue Reading

In search of the howler monkey

Everybody starts looking nervously for their camera and mobile phones to snap the first picture of Volcán Concepción, as the boat from Rivas approaches Isla de Ometepe. I’ll be staying on the island for a few days and I am determined to discover the best things to do in Ometepe! Which shouldn’t be that hard: the island has been recognized as one of the most authentic and beautiful spots of Nicaragua! My first port of call is Altagracia. The town consists of a church, a few side Continue Reading