Top 10 things to do in Cadiz

“Cádiz…the early morning hours, the air filled with the smell of salt.” (Niña Pastori)

The lyrics sung by Cádiz’ native Niña Pastori perfectly illustrate the feelings I have for this southern Spanish city. Feelings of hot summers, feelings of yearning, feelings of a long lost love…
I had the chance to stay in Cádiz during one long summer month while attempting to brush up my Spanish language skills.… Continue reading

Tarifa: where Europe ends and Africa begins

I am standing on the walls of the Guzmán El Bueno Castle. Below me are the blue waters of the Mediterranean and in the distance I can spot the lights of Tangier, Morocco. I have arrived in Tarifa, Spain, at the southernmost point of the European continent, the place where Europe ends and Africa begins…

I love these kind of places: they make me somewhat dreamy, nostalgic and curious at the same time.… Continue reading

The best tips for learning a language abroad

I was in my second year of Spanish when I proudly declared: “Mi ciudad es muy famoso para su sopa de polla”. The face of my teacher went bright red as she, a little embarrassed, explained me that the Spanish word for chicken is “pollo”, “polla” apparently means “penis”…I spent the rest of the evening trying to convince my fellow students that my city wasn’t producing any phallic-shaped soup whatsoever.… Continue reading