Staying with the Zulu in South Africa

We are staying at Ecabazini, a cultural Zulu homestead in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. Last year we’d been travelling from Cape Town to Johannesburg and this time I wanted to delve deeper into the Zulu culture, even if that means cleaning the floor with cow dung… “It doesn’t smell that bad“, I hear myself saying while spreading cow dung across the rondavel floor. Trevor looks at me in disgust: “I know you like to immerse yourself on your travels, honey, Continue Reading

A “Troubled” tour of Belfast

Belfast and The Troubles: they go hand in hand. Even more than 20 years after the Good Friday Agreement, the city’s past is still very much present behind the scenes and a lot of visitors are keen to understand what this dark period in history was about.But how do you go about learning about the Troubles in an ethical and unbiased way and what’s the best way to go on a Troubles tour of Belfast? First things first: what exactly are the Troubles? Entire books have been written Continue Reading

3 days in Rio: tips, must sees and local things to do

Aaah, Rio de Janeiro! A name and place that leaves nobody indifferent! I planned on spending just a few days here, I ended up staying a week! A lot has been said or written about Brazil’s most (in)famous city. But how exactly do you “tackle” Rio? By all means, read on and find out the best tips to spend 3 days in Rio! The best travel tips for Rio de Janeiro 1. Is Rio safe? Rio de Janeiro:  a name that evokes “beach, sun and sex”.  To some… To others Continue Reading

Maboneng: the trendiest neighbourhood of Johannesburg

Let’s face it, Johannesburg doesn’t have a brilliant reputation when it comes to safety.  Stories of crime, poverty, theft and murder are the main reasons visitors travel straight from OR Tambo Airport to safer and more secure places.  And yes, you definitely have to keep your wits about you, but if you want a complete picture of South Africa, you simply can’t bypass Johannesburg! I stayed 5 days in Jozi, paid the obligatory visit to the Apartheid museum, went on a cycling tour of Continue Reading

Walking the Riviera dei Fiori

I’m mopping up the last puddle of olive oil with a chunk of flavoursome focaccia bread. It’s become a habit over the last few days and I seriously start to wonder how many carbs is “too many”… But who would be able to resist? A warm autumn sun, stunning views and good company: this and the tempting Italian food are the perfect ingredients for a Ligurian holiday!   I’ve been invited to participate in a study called Timon Lepidus to find out if the Ligurian coast is ready for a Continue Reading

The sleepy hinterland of the Italian Riviera

I’ve been three times to Liguria. I never really planned to, but sometimes life has different plans for you… On my first occasion I visited the Cinque Terre, unanimously considered the highlight of the area. Fair enough I guess, five villages clinging on precariously to the cliffs with the blue waters of the Ligurian Sea below: there’s worse when it comes to scenery. But to be 100% honest, it was all a bit too touristy and I discovered much more about Liguria and its hilltop villages Continue Reading

Top things to do in Chiapas: Mexico’s southernmost state

If you think Mexico is all about golden beaches and all-inclusive resorts, you’re in for a surprise! During my one month backpacking trip in Mexico, I spent a decent amount of time in the Chiapas, a region where dense rainforest jungle is  scattered with remnants of the Mayan civilisation. It’s a place where you will come across traditional villages where people still practice ancient rituals.  A place where the scorching sun turns into cold nights in the gorgeous colonial city Continue Reading

The best places for a classic Belfast pub crawl

The city of Belfast is on to a revival. Every year more and more people discover what the Northern Irish capital has to offer.  Apart from historical tours about the Troubles, the city is nowadays also popular for its vibrant weekend nightlife. Where Dublin can be a bit too touristy, the bars in Belfast are still mainly visited by locals! From traditional pubs to cocktail bars, from beer gardens to live music: discover all the bars you need for an unforgettable pub crawl in Belfast! The Continue Reading

The perfect city break: 3 days in Marrakech

Visions of 1001 nights, snake charmers, vibrant souks and food – oh the glorious Moroccan food- : all these clichés came to mind when finally booking my trip to Marrakech. It’s a city I’d been longing to visit for a long time and after my weekend in Tangier the year before, I was now ready to visit the most famous and most popular city of Morocco! I read up a lot beforehand and it looked like most people either absolutely love or hate the city. It’s not an Continue Reading

The best ways to avoid scams in Marrakech

I am a solo female traveller so let’s set a few things straight first: after having travelled to 4 different cities, I can truly say that Morocco is one of the friendliest and most hospitable nations I’ve travelled in! Moroccans are a traditional, respectful and good-humoured bunch and I have never felt unsafe, harassed or worse! So what about all those horror stories of being constantly ripped-off?  How about the annoying carpet touts and the insistent hassle and hustle from everyone Continue Reading