The sleepy hinterland of the Italian Riviera

I’ve been three times to Liguria. I never really planned to, but sometimes life has different plans for you… On my first occasion I visited the Cinque Terre, unanimously considered the highlight of the area. Fair enough I guess, five villages clinging on precariously to the cliffs with the blue waters of the Ligurian Sea below: there’s worse when it comes to scenery. But to be 100% honest, it was all a bit too touristy and I discovered much more about Liguria and its hilltop villages Continue Reading

Sailing bliss in the Ionian Sea

If you’re planning on visiting the Greek islands, you’re in for a treat, but you’d better do some advanced planning too! There are over 200 inhabited Greek islands and there’s never a lack of sunshine and good food, no matter where you go! So, where do you start? Do you go for the more famous ones like Santorini, Crete or Corfu? Or do you go for some of the more obscure ones? (no, I’d never heard of Elafonisos either) I chose to sail around the Ionian islands Continue Reading

Cycling amongst the South African vineyards

“No helmet, no ride” says Rea. I’m on a 10 km cycling tour of Stellenbosch with Bikes ‘n Wines and glad to see that they are taking a healthy approach to safety! The steep tracks around Asara, the wine estate we are meeting at, look promising but it might be a rough enough encounter with the ground should you fall off! After a brief explanation about gears and brakes, the seven of us hop on our bikes to roll down and climb up the vineyard tracks. Nothing too strenuous, but you do need to Continue Reading

Everything you need to know about working in a hostel

“So, what are you going to do during your career break”? my boss asks me on my last day. “ “I’m heading off to Albania, working in a hostel” The look on his face speaks volumes. “OK, there are two things I don’t understand in that sentence. First, you are going to work? And second: in Albania?!” I laugh, but I’ve never been more excited! I’d been wanting to travel long-term for a while, but neither my parents, neither my bank account thought that this was an achievable Continue Reading

How to slow travel with limited time?

Let’s face it, due to work or finances, most of us don’t have the luxury of unlimited travel time. Some people work hard all year round to afford those well-earned two weeks off. They often tend to cramp in as much as possible and as a result come home exhausted… They have “seen” a place, ticked off the must see boxes, but have they really experienced what the city or country is all about…? In comes slow travel! Slow travel is about experiences rather than sights. It’s about Continue Reading

Slow travel in the Cinque Terre

Situated between Pisa and Genoa are five picture-perfect pastel-tinted villages on the edge of a mountain slope with the Mediterranean Sea lapping below: welcome to the “Cinque Terre”, aka “The Five Lands”! The Cinque Terre are Italy’s answer to the French Riviera, without the high-rise buildings that is. Known for great walking, beautiful scenery and tasty food, the five villages are very well interconnected by train and walking paths, even if they could only reached Continue Reading

The best places to visit in Kerala

Slow travel and India, it looks like a challenging combination…How do you slow down in a country like India, a place known for its somewhat organised chaos, for its huge crowds and for its mystical world, undecipherable at first to western eyes? Turns out the southern state of Kerala has all it takes! You see, Kerala is a “different sort of India”, a softer version if you wish and an excellent place for first-time visitors to this immensely intriguing country! Let me show you Continue Reading

That day I got lost in the Bulgarian woods

We just hung up a bag of food in one of the nearby trees. Food, soap, shampoo: anything that smelled really! I remember from my trip to the USA a few years ago, that, if you are in bear-country, you’d better make sure to keep everything that could possible attract them, far away from you. And apparently, the Bulgarian Rhodope mountains, the place where we are stuck, is bear territory indeed. When setting off this morning the lady at the Chepelare tourist office warned us: “Be careful of Continue Reading

Why I DON’T want to travel full-time

“How I became a full-time traveller and so can you” ! The number of articles dealing with the subject pollutes my e-mail nearly every day. Everybody and their auntie seem to call themselves “digital nomads” nowadays, it seems to be the new trend. Even though I travel very often, I just can’t see myself doing it full-time. Why not? Glad you asked! 1/ I love travelling too much What do you mean it sounds contradictory? Please allow me to explain! Whether you have a fixed address or Continue Reading

Camping in the Nicaraguan cloud forest

The bus from Matagalpa to Jinotega climbs higher and higher up in the mountains. The higher we climb, the chillier it gets. I am off to the “Datanli El Diablo” nature reserve where I will be staying at La Bastilla Ecolodge Nicaragua for a few days, taking in the coffee culture and the surrounding beauty of the cloud forest of Nicaragua. A pick-up truck brings me from the main road into the forest and on to the lodge. My adrenaline is reaching peak level as we drive at very high Continue Reading