What now? Where do we go from here?

The 16th of April 2020: the start of our new life. A date that had been engraved in our minds and our agendas for nearly a year. Detailed plans were made and by the beginning of March we had started the countdown: 5 weeks to go, 4 weeks, 3 weeks, …

But the 16th of April went by and nothing happened…. That day we were supposed to fly to France to spend the next month looking after Django, a lovely looking Bernese in the French Alps. From there on, we were going to head to Toulouse, then to Germany and the summer was going to be spend by the pool in the south of Spain. Yes, we were going to make house and petsitting a full-time career, the start of a new life! And then COVID-19 hit…

Flights were cancelled, lockdowns installed and it soon became clear that the world was waking up into a whole new form. So, what do you do, when something you’ve been planning and dreaming about is taken away from you and brutally vanishes into thin air?
You adapt, that’s what you do! Of course we were disappointed, angry and confused but we soon realized that none of this would bring us closer to our goal! Our sits in France and Germany have understandably been postponed. That’s right, postponed, not cancelled! The home owners are still determined to go away when COVID-19 settles down and we’ll be ready for them and their pets when that happens!
As it stands, beginning May, our summer sit in Spain is still on and we are constantly communicating with the home owners and following the evolution of the virus, so fingers crossed!

In the meantime we focus on establishing our online careers. Trevor works as an online English tutor and I work as a content writer and translator. We don’t let our head hang down and we continue to apply for sits later in the year. In November, we’ll be in the Champagne area in France and if all goes well, we’ll be celebrating Hogmany in Edinburgh! So, don’t worry about us, we’ll be all right. Our dreams aren’t gone, they have just been preserved so we’ll enjoy them even more in the future!

Stay safe, everyone and always believe in the beauty of your dreams, no matter what obstacle hits you on the way!

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