10 reasons why Belgium is NOT boring!

I feel sorry for Belgium. Squeezed in between its three big neighbours (France, Germany and the Netherlands), this tiny country often gets overlooked on the main tourist trail. Apart from Bruges, or “fucking Bruges” as Colin Farrell so poetically nicknamed it in the movie “In Bruges”, few people venture further inland to discover the true beauties of this nation. The reason for this is that Belgium is considered “boring”! But why is Belgium so boring? Or is it? Have a look at these 10 reasons and discover why it’s most definitely not!

1. Award winning festivals

Belgium has the coolest festivals! Did you know that during the summer you can attend a different festival EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND? Take Tomorrrowland for example: it’s the largest electronic music festival held IN THE WORLD! It reaches over 200.000 attendees and has won the title of “Best Music Event” in the “International Dance Music Awards”  three times! Take a look at this video: now does that seem like a party or what?

If you are not into dance festivals, no worries! For the rock music fans amongst us, Belgium hosts its own annual equivalent of “Glastonbury”. It is called “Rock Werchter” and has won several awards for “Best festival in the world”! Some of the main headliners in the previous years were Foo Fighters, Pharrell Williams, Lenny Kravitz, Muse, …

2. Beer!

Right, where do I start? There are over 800 varieties of beer in Belgium. Yes, you read that right, 800! Beer in Belgium is not just a frothy beverage, it is CULTURE! Need proof? Every single beer is served into its own glass (if it’s not, it’s not a good bar!) and almost every Belgian will be able to tell you the right beer for the right occasion. For example “pils” is drunk at a party or when you don’t feel inspired. White beer and “Kriek” (cherry beer) are great for relaxing on a sunny terrace and “Trappist beer” is best drunk in a combination with cheese and deep conversations!  Try them but go gently, some of the most famous ones have an alcohol percentage of 9%!

Belgium not boring Belgian beers

3. In Belgium monks not only pray, they also make beer!

Belgium used to be a pretty religious country. But things seem to have evolved. The few monks that are still left are now responsible for some of the best beers! The “Trappist” beers are beers that are still made inside the walls of a monastery! One of the beers, Westvleteren, can actually only be bought at the monastery! You can’t find any in the shops, nope, you have to drive all the way to the monastery and it’s only available after you made a reservation! How cool’s that? Belgium not boring

4. Gent

Yes, Bruges is very pretty and photogenic, but if you want my opinion (and since you’re reading this, I assume you do), you should go to Gent instead! Where Bruges has more a museum feeling, Gent is one of the most lively and hip cities of the country! It is also the third most vegetarian-friendly city in Europe! And there are just as much, if not more, medieval buildings to admire than in Bruges! If you don’t believe me, take Lonely Planet’s word for it: in their 2011 edition of “Best in Travel”, Gent was nr 7 on the “cities to visit” list!

Belgium not boring Gent

5. Surrealism

Let’s face it, Belgium is the highlight of surrealism! The country is the size of Maryland in the USA or 1.5 times the size of Wales, but boy do they know how to complicate things! One language isn’t enough for this country, no it needed three! The north speaks Flemish (similar to Dutch), the south speaks French and a tiny part of the east speaks German. This leads to three different names for exactly the same city, e.g. Liège (French)=Luik (Flemish) =Lüttich (German)! And according to this pic, you should follow a different direction to the same place, according to the language you speak! 🙂 So how does this country manage to function properly, you ask? It doesn’t really, which brings us straight to number 6!

Belgium not boring

6. Belgians protest with fries

In 2010 Belgium had its four-yearly general elections. The result was so fragmented that it took 589 days (yes, that’s over a year and a half!!!) to form a government! Belgium even beat Iraq on this point! Now, you’d think that this would result in a lot of violent protests or riots in the country, but no, instead Belgians decided to hold a “fries revolution”. To commemorate the honour of being so long without a government, thousands of people were treated to free Belgian fries in eight different cities across the country. Fries were the symbol of the protest, cause fries are what keeps the country together after all! Surreal you said? Yes indeed!

Belgium not boring

7. Comics are an artform

Who has never heard of “The Adventures of Tintin”, the young Belgian reporter, assisted by his faithful fox terrier Snowy? And did you know that the Smurfs and Lucky Luke are Belgian too? Comics are serious business in Belgium! In the capital of Brussels there’s a whole museum dedicated to the art! Or how about following the “Comic Book Route” around Brussels? It brings you across several neighbourhoods and murals depicting numerous cartoons.

Belgium not boring

8. The heart of Europe

Belgium is called “the heart of Europe”, because a lot of European institutions have their headquarters in Brussels. And although this might not be very excited as such, it does create a huge international community! In 2012, a study showed that over 180 nationalities lived in Brussels alone! Meaning you can have a Brazilian cocktail for a starter, an Italian meal for a main and Moroccan sweets for dessert all within a few miles apart!

Belgium not boring

9. Capital of fashion

Late 80’s-beginning 90’s, 6 Belgian fashion designers put the city of Antwerpen on the fashion scene! Dries Van Noten, Walter Van Beirendonck, Dirk Bikkembergs, to name but a few, gained huge popularity on the international catwalk! Antwerpen has since then been nicknamed “Belgium’s capital of fashion”. But it’s not just the famous brands that you can score here! Antwerpen is also known for its edgy character and the “Kammenstraat” houses a fair amount of underground, punk and vintage shops!

Belgium not boring

10. A progressive, broad-minded nation

Belgium has legalized euthanasia in 2002, gay marriage in 2003 and adoption for same-sex couples has been legalized since 2006! Belgium boring? I don’t think so!

Belgium not boring

Do you need any more reasons to convince you that Belgium is not boring?
Have you been to a country that is wrongly perceived? Looking forward to read your comments!

14 Replies to “10 reasons why Belgium is NOT boring!”

  1. Kate

    I’ve always bypassed Belgium when thinking about where to go in Europe but I have no idea why! This is a great post and really makes me want to find a festival in the summer and go over for the weekend. Thanks for sharing

  2. Pawel

    Haha! Bunch of very useful information 😀 Once I hang out with Belgian people and I didn’t even know before that they are real party animals! They can drink (as much as polish do) and dance till the morning 😀 I should definetely see country of party animals and super tasty beers.

  3. Milosz Zak

    I think Belgium is the perfect country for European Union institutions. I am a little disappointed they can’t work together to govern properly, but then again we didn’t need politicians for countries to run for a few hundreds of years now – they’ll figure it out.

  4. Emily

    Great Post! I was in Brussels for a few days in January and absolutely loved it – you forgot the waffles, which are incredible. And chocolate, come to think of it!! LOVED the Comic Book Walk in Brussels, though, which was great fun. As well as the Comic Book museum, they also have a Herge museum opposite which is dedicated to the guy behind Tin Tin (plus the Tin Tin shop near the Grand Place), and even better was the MOOF museum – Museum of Original Figurines. They had a massive collection of figurines and memorabilia from comic books, animated films and video games. Geek heaven!

    • Els Post author

      I “forgot the waffles and chocolate on purpose, cause they are so cliché 🙂 Didn’t know about the MOOF museum, sounds great!

  5. Revati

    Thank you for this post! I’ve been trying hard to convince the husband that it isn’t boring, and now I just need to show him this!

  6. sarah

    I love this post! I must confess to not knowing a whole lot about Belgium to start with but now I am really intrigued and must go there!


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