The perfect 3 days in Marrakech

Visions of 1001 nights, snake charmers, vibrant souks and food – oh the glorious Moroccan food- : all these clichés came to mind when finally booking my trip to Marrakech. It’s a city I’d been longing to visit for a long time and after my weekend in Tangier the year before, I was now ready to visit the most famous and most popular city of Morocco and spend 3 days in Marrakech!… Continue reading

13 FREE things to do in Belfast

Belfast is slowly rising from its dark past. Wounds are starting to heal and over the last few years, more and more international travellers discover the charms of this often misunderstood Northern Irish city.  Less crowded and definitely cheaper than Dublin, you can find just as much ‘craic’ in its famous pubs, just as many historic buildings in the streets and just as much rain…
But the best thing about Belfast is that it doesn’t have to cost you a lot!… Continue reading

A Cold War tour of Berlin in 10 stops

I was 13 when the Berlin Wall came down. While I was counting the minutes to the next break, my history teacher went on about “big changes” and “huge impacts”!  I couldn’t care less about it at that age…
Fast forward 28 years and I find myself at the Brandenburg Gate, a little wiser and far more interested in history, ready to go on my very own Cold War tour of Berlin!… Continue reading

The chaotic charm of Tirana

“Mëngjes?” I stutter.  The old man at “Freddy’s hostel” looks at me, surprised.
“Breakfast? No, we don’t do that here, but you can get a cup of coffee if you want…” At least that’s what I think he says. Between my pretty non-existent Albanian and his non-existent English skills, it’s anybody’s guess…

I am in Tirana, the capital of Albania. … Continue reading