Eating my way around Hong Kong

“I promise, if you are still hungry after this, you can ask my boss for a refund” says Jacky. Together with 8 other food enthusiasts, I decided to join a Hong Kong food tour with Eating Adventures.
I could do with some insight to be honest, so far I haven’t dared to venture further than wonton noodles and dumplings and, as tasty as they might be, I am looking forward to having a local show me around the vast array of food to try in Hong Kong.… Continue reading

A weekend in Faro, the gateway to the Algarve

“Where is everyone?” It is 3pm, Friday afternoon in Faro and I am standing in the main square – Largo da Sé. The square is nearly empty and I have the Cathedral and the blossoming orange trees all to myself…
Strange, since this is supposed to be the main tourist attraction of Faro…
It reminds me of the coastal city of Málaga in southern Spain.… Continue reading

From hout quari to avocado juice: local food in Marrakech

“ I hope you are hungry?” Youssef asks me. We meet on the main square, Djemaa el Fna, where, together with 8 other food enthusiasts, I’ll be going on an evening food tour with Marrakech food tours. I’m really looking forward to this; in Europe the knowledge and offerings of Moroccan food is very often limited to tajine and couscous, so I’m curious what lesser known delicacies await us!… Continue reading

Copenhagen beyond the mermaid

When my friend and Copenhagen-resident Mariel asked me what I wanted to see in the city, I answered: “Anything really, apart from Tivoli and The Little Mermaid”.
Of course I wanted to wander along the oh-so-famous canals and I was definitely curious to check out Copenhagen’s alternative community Christiania, but I was also interested in  the “everyday life”.… Continue reading